A Critical Focus Group Discussion by LaKaspia: Evaluating the Impact of the Aceh Peace Agreement Over 18 Years

Langsa, – LaKaspia invites stakeholders to participate in a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) that evaluate of the 18 years of peace agreement in Aceh. The FGD has take place on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at the VIP Room Kopi Liqa, Langsa, discussing the Helsinki MoU, the implementation of law no. 11/2006 on the Governance of Aceh, the use of special autonomy funds, and their impact on commonity welfare.

Critical background, the implementation of special autonomy in Aceh and law no. 11/2006 has not yet significantly improved the welfare of the community, with the poverty rate in Aceh province reaching 15,53%.

Multy dimentional, evaluation theĀ  FGD gather various, including representative of womens group, former combatants, legislator, academis, and community leaders, to discuss the achievement of the Aceh goverment in ecominic, social, cultural, educational, polical, and security aspects.

The FGD is expected to produce critical notes, assessment, and constructive suggestions improve the welfare situasion of the community and encourage the achievement of o more optimal Aceh peace ideal.

Ongoing commitment this discussion is an important step in assessing the implementation of special autonomy in Aceh and seeking synergy between the Aceh Goverment and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to support sustainable peace and welfare.*@

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