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Delve into the depths of Aceh’s social and political landscape with LaKaspia. We offer research, analysis, and policy recommendations to drive positive change.

Our Inspirational Beginning

Discover the Journey of LaKaspia – Pioneering Change in Aceh

Welcome to LaKaspia, a non-profit organization based in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, dedicated to social and political research and analysis in Aceh.

Founded in October 2022, LaKaspia focuses on providing in-depth insights and policy recommendations within the social-political landscape of Aceh.


Our Specialized Offerings

Our Range of Services

Workshop, Research and Analysis

At LaKaspia, we specialize in publishing scholarly journals that address current social and political issues in Aceh. Our expertise extends to offering technical assistance for journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS) for optimal performance.

Journal Publication Support

LaKaspia also provides comprehensive website design and development services, including personalized customization for Open Journal Systems (OJS) to enhance organizational or individual journal sites.

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